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Daily Meditation - February 13


The council then threatened them further, but they finally let them go because they didn’t know how to punish them without starting a riot. For everyone was praising God for this miraculous sign—the healing of a man who had been lame for more than forty years.

As soon as they were freed, Peter and John returned to the other believers and told them what the leading priests and elders had said. When they heard the report, all the believers lifted their voices together in prayer to God.After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.

Acts 4:21


Continued opposition and threats are the expected result of the evil that is at work in our world. You told us that men hate the light because they love darkness. Let me be a beacon the darkness and a voice of hope in times of despair.